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Outdoor Furniture Cover

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Outdoor Furniture Cover

(Rectangular large) 3.00m length x 1.65m width x 75cm height / Beige

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Our outdoor furniture covers protect your furniture in all weathers to ensure your outdoor furniture looks good for years. Made from quality 600D UV resistant material and have a FIVE YEAR guarantee against UV material deterioration including the stitching on the seams. 


  • Cord in hem to pull tight around the base
  • Individual leg fixing straps with velcro
  • 100% waterproof
  • A sprayed on inner, smooth liner to protect against scratching and abrasions
  • In high quality UV resistant material
  • Less chance of fading
  • Beige with silver fern logo

If you have any questions please call us on 027 288 3854 or email us at hello@coverworldnz.com

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Benefits of Our Garden Furniture Covers

These covers offer numerous advantages, ensuring your furniture remains in pristine condition throughout the seasons:

  • Cost-Effective
  • Investing in a quality cover reduces the need for frequent replacements or costly repairs of outdoor furniture, saving you money in the long run.

  • Versatile Fit
  • Available in a variety of sizes, our covers can accommodate most types of outdoor furniture, ensuring a perfect fit for everything from small chairs to large dining sets.

  • Maintains Cleanliness
  • Keeps your outdoor furniture clean and ready for use by protecting it from dirt, debris, and bird droppings, minimizing your cleaning efforts.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What should I consider while choosing garden furniture covers?

      Consider the size and shape of your furniture, ensuring the cover will fully enclose your furniture. Additionally, assess the environmental conditions, like wind and sunlight exposure, to ensure you select a cover that can withstand your local weather

    • What should I do if my cover doesn’t fit?

        Contact us within 30 days of delivery to arrange an exchange. Make sure the cover is in its original condition and packaged as received.

    • How long will it take to receive the product after I buy outdoor furniture covers in NZ?

      Delivery typically takes between 3-8 days from the date of payment, depending on your location.

    • How can I clean my outdoor furniture cover?

      Cleaning your cover is easy and can be done with simple household items. Here’s how: Use mild detergent:Gentle cleaners prevent damage to the fabric. Warm water: Helps dissolve grime without harming the cover. Soft brush or sponge: Use for scrubbing off dirt. Rinse thoroughly: Ensures no soap residue remains. Air dry: Completely dry the cover before folding to avoid mildew.

    • How do I choose the right size shade tent in NZ?

      When selecting a shade tent, consider the area you need to cover and any extra space for movement and activities. Measure the space where you plan to set up the tent, ensuring there is room for the tent's full dimensions and additional space for securing it.

    • Can I pick up my cover in person?

      Yes, pickup is available at our Tauranga location. Typically, your order will be ready for pickup within 24 hours after purchase.

    • How can I protect my cover from fading over time?

      To minimize fading and extend the life of your outdoor covers in NZ, follow these tips: Location: Store your furniture in shaded areas when possible, as direct sunlight can accelerate fading. Cleaning: Regularly clean the cover to remove dirt and debris that can wear down the fabric. UV Protection: Although the covers are made from UV-resistant material, using a UV fabric protector spray can provide additional protection against sun damage. Rotation: Periodically rotate the cover if possible, to ensure even exposure to the elements. Proper Storage: When not in use, store the cover in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.